Raw Food: The trend that is revolutionizing the way we consume food

If you also think that processed foods deteriorate your health and you prefer to opt for the most natural option, you will  be interested to learn what  Raw Food consists of and why it has become so popular lately.

It is widely known that,  in the industrial process of food production, a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of our body are lost (not to mention added sugars or chemicals).

But this is not the only way that food loses its nutritional properties.

In fact, in a study reported in  the Journal of Food Science,  it was found that cooking fruits or vegetables at temperatures above 48 ° C significantly reduces the content of vitamins and antioxidants.

So, is it healthier to eat raw and semi-cooked foods?

The answer to this question is well known to people who practice having a Raw Food diet.

What is Raw Food?

This new trend goes beyond the typical diets that we read about  on the internet. It is about promoting a healthy lifestyle that is in tune with nature.

It is for this reason that Raw Food consists of consuming food in its purest state and avoiding  any process that alters its natural state and reduces its nutrients.

Hearing this, we might think that some foods must not taste very good if we eat them raw, especially since many people are  used to cooking everything that is not in food items such as salads.

However, there are other ways to prepare meals without going through the cooking process.

These methods include: 

✔ Marinating

✔ Pickling

✔ Low temperature cooking

✔ Smoothies

✔ Dehydration

✔ Cold extraction or cold press

If we had any doubts, the Argentine chef Javier Medvedovsky and representative of Raw Food in Spain is one more reason to rethink this idea, after the success that his restaurant “Café Blueproject” is having. He has created a space  where incredible gourmet dishes are made using techniques such as those mentioned above.

But he  is not the only pioneer of Raw Food.  The  renowned Mexican chef Alfredo Oropeza is another faithful defender of Raw Food who has joined  many others around the world who promote “healthy food”.


Benefits of having a Raw Food diet:

If we go a little beyond the flavors, we must also take into account the health benefits of consuming  raw foods.

1. First of all, by not degrading the natural enzymes in food during the cooking process. We are consuming a greater amount of antioxidants that promote the regeneration of the organism and reduce the aging of cells.

2. We are also taking advantage of each of the vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables.

3. Consuming  some raw foods has  a great cleansing power and helps us eliminate toxins from the body.

4. It stimulates the digestive processes, thanks to the fiber that some raw foods provide us.

Without a doubt, Raw Food invites us to rethink the way we consume our food, although we know that it can be a bit difficult to completely change your diet. You can start by including some raw foods in your preparations or consuming fruit and vegetable smoothies.

In this way you will also be taking advantage of all the nutrients of the Raw Food.

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